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What effect does Trikatu promise?
From an Ayurvedic point of view, it intervenes in ​​the vital energies (doshas).

Trikatu  increase metabolism and stimulate digestion, improve  digestive and respiratory systems. 

It also helps with pain relief and has an antibiotic effect. Due to the heating effect, it opens all channels in the body.

The idea behind why they come together is this: All three spices, long and black pepper, as well as ginger, have powerful active ingredients of their own. If you mix them all together, the effect is increased and that makes Trikatu so special.

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Spice mixtures

We are creating various spice mixtures for sweet and savory dishes. 

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Spice Grinders

Grind some fresh spices on your meal to spice it up and aid your digestion and the absorption of nutrients.