Ayurvedic Cooking 2.0

Follow up courses to deepen your knowledge.

Service Description

You already joined one of our Ayurvedic cooking courses and want to learn more about the art of Ayurvedic cooking? We have a few follow up courses to offer. If you wish to come with your closed group of friends we can customise the course based on your preferences. Follow up course topics: Learn how to... > ... *make Ghee; Chutney; and other Ayurvedic condiments > ... combine foods based on their physicochemical properties and food synergies > ... make tasty and healthy Ayurvedic breakfast alternatives > ... cook according the season, life cycle, and your constitution (Dosha) > ... cook with children and create nourishing, Ayurvedic, children friendly and easy meals Ever course last for 4 hour and can host 6-8 participants. * in these course we prepare a light Ayurvedic meal in advance to serve the guests at the end of the workshop For more information and costumised courses please contact us. Your Alonga Team, Ingrid & Cecilia