Self-care is a key practice for a balanced and fulfilled life. The overarching definition of self-care is an activity that nourishes and refuels you on a deep level (Integrative Nutrition, LLC, 2019). What self-care looks like is different for each person, and it can change radically from one period to the next, but it is important that the routine - and the consistent effort to care for yourself - is always present. 


That's why this month we want you to focus on activities that give you a sense of joy and recharge your energy. For instance, take some time for a relaxing and cleansing facial. Schedule time in your calendar for this practice and be present in the moment without distraction. Taking time for yourself will bring you new energy and enthusiasm for life, which the people around you will perceive and attract the things and opportunities you desire most. 


Once you have established your own routine and feel the energy and benefits that come with it, encourage the people around you, friends and family, to take some time for themselves. Let us create a ripple effect of self-care out there!