Organic Ayurvedic Spice Mix for sweet dishes like porridge, muesli, yoghurt, fruits and desserts
Ayurvedic Spice Blend for sweet dishes


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  • Ingredients:

    Anis*,psyllium*, liquorice*, fennel*, cinnamon*, cloves*, galangal*, ginger*, cardamom*, lemon peel*

    * from controlled organic farming


    Roasted Ayurvedic Spices

    For sweet dishes

    Ever thought of spicing up sweet foods, smoothies or fruit? Just add our roasted MADHURA SPICE MIX to your spice grinder, grind fresh over the food and enjoy.

     Our quality promise:

    Selected spices of certified organic quality are carefully roasted and coarsely ground by hand. Through this elaborate process, the spices unfold a more intense aroma and give your dishes a uniquely exotic taste.

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Ayurvedic Spices

Through Ayurvedic cooking, you will be immersed in a surprising world of incredible flavors with a variety of spices and their amazing health effects. Combining the intense flavor of roasted spices, their health benefits and convenience in the kitchen, we have developed Ayurvedic spice blends for a variety of sweet and savory dishes that can be easily ground over your meal.

Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurvedic food does not have to be Indian cuisine. It is all about the right food combinations and adding the spices. We created some delicious recipes to inspire you in your kitchen. Try them out and give us your feedback!

How to use

Fill the coarsely ground spices in a clean and dry grinder. Grind it freshly over your meal and enjoy! Keep in a dry place and avoid grinding it over steaming pots so no moisture comes in.

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During her visit at my Ayurvedic Mountain Top Clinic in Nilgiris, India, ALONGA’s Co-Founder Ingrid shared with me her development of Ayurvedic Spice Mixtures. I have been deeply impressed by the profoundness of ALONGA’s recipes, including the careful roasting and well-chosen organic and mostly tridoshic suitable combinations. I can highly recommend ALONGA. With their spice assortments alongside their cooking classes, they are making a valuable contribution to creating a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Dr. Sundara Raman

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery,Mountain Top Clinic, India


The TOLA Spice Mix substituted the sugar in my coffee and made it so delicious!

Mallorca, Spain

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