Let's get on the mat!

The way you start the day determines the tone of the day! A good morning routine will turn your day into a success. We encourage you to adopt a consistent morning routine that gives you energy and prepare you for the day. We love to include a short yoga session in the morning to wake and stretch the body before we sit at our desks. To make this habit feasible for everyone, we have included a short yoga flow and divided it into four parts. The first sequence is a gentle warm up and a sun salutation of only 5 minutes duration. We encourage you to practice this flow every morning. At the end of each following week of November we will publish another short sequence, which will result in a 15-minute yoga flow at the end of the month. The short instructional videos will be published on our instagram page and on our virtual yoga page.

We hope that after one month of daily yoga practice you will have established a habit and continue the practice.

The journey of Yoga


Yoga comes from the word 'Yog', which means 'union'. This refers to the union between the individual and the spiritual self. Yoga


is a holistic philosophy of life. This ancient teaching, which originated in India, includes physical exercises (resting & active body postures, breathing exercises and physical cleansing techniques) as well as a number of spiritual practices such as meditation and attitudes towards life.

Regular yoga practice not only leads to an increase in physical well-being and awareness, but also supports stress reduction and general mental calmness.

Yoga is a natural system consisting of five main principles:

 1. Correct physical exercises - Asanas
 2. Correct breathing - Pranayama
 3. Real relaxation - Savasana
 4. Balanced nutrition

 5. Positive Thinking & Meditation

     - Vedanta & Dhyana (Meditation)


Yoga is a life of self-discipline. The body is the temple and we have to meet certain requirements in order for it to run smoothly and achieve an optimal life.

In Yoga there are many different postures and they should on one hand be firm and stable like a rock and on the other hand be flexible and devotional like water. With these two attitudes in the yoga practice we bring balance and equilibrium into our everyday life. That's why Hatha Yoga has the right exercises for every type of person and every phase of life. The word Hatha is composed of 'Ha' which means sun and 'Tha' which means moon. The active sun asanas stand for willpower and stability and the passive moon asanas help us to let go and accept things as they are.