In the area of health and nutrition we offer you the opportunity to work together with our certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to achieve your personal health transformation. 


Health is the overall foundation to well-being and happiness. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, we learn to look at health holistically and work towards greater quality of overall life. We support and empower individual wellness transformations and guide you through the steps of long-term behavior change. A Coach on your side will keep you accountable, explore and identify areas of life that might be out of balance and set effective and achievable goals by implementing healthy lifestyle changes. 


To book a free health consultation please fill out the questionnaire that relates to you and send it to the following e-mail Then book your preferred time slot here.

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Cecilia Reygers

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Currently studying at the American Institute for Vedic Studies

Located in Mallorca, Spain