Mallorcan wild herbs in Ayurvedic cuisine

The aim of this special event is to reconnect people to nature and create more awareness for the potential of neglected wild plants in terms of nutrition, health and sustainability.

When: 17th December 2021

1pm - 5pm

Where: Cas Concos, Mallorca

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We are very looking forward to welcoming you all to our finca near Cas Concos in Mallorca. After a welcome drink and introduction, you will go foraging with Uta while Ingrid and Cecilia will prepare a delicious Ayurvedic meal. After returning from the informative hike, a nourishing 3-course meal will be waiting you. Afterwards, we will jointly create a recipe in the kitchen using the wild plants and herbs we have harvested. At the end of the workshop, everyone will take something home to surprise their friends and family. 


For this event we have teamed up with Uta, an expert in Mediterranean edible wild plants and herbs native to Mallorca. Here's a little about her and her work:


"When I came to Mallorca in 2007, I started studying Mediterranean edible wild plants. I was inspired by friends, a Spanish couple. They regularly added wild plants to their food. This ancient habit has become very rare in the last decades, not only in Spain. My goal is to contribute to its renaissance.

Since 2011 I have been offering regular walks on the theme of wild harvesting, and from 2011 to 2013 I regularly hosted pop-up dinners with dishes made from wild plants. Since the spring of 2021, when the Covid 19 restrictions were lifted, I continue to offer guided hikes, work on retreats, teach, cook, and connect people with nature and the flavors of local Mediterranean "terroir"."

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