Cleansing Yoga


Certain movements can aid digestion and the detoxification process of the body. In Yoga, the twisting asanas are especially beneficial to activate digestion. Another yogic practice that aids with the cleansing of our gut is the Nauli Kriya, an abdominal massaging. It generates heat in the body and stimulates appetite and digestion. This practice also strengthen your abdominal muscles and tones your belly including the nerves, intestine and reproductive organs. 

There are contra indications of this practice that you have to be aware of. Do not practice this Kriya if you are pregnant, on your  period, recently had surgery or feel pain and if you have a full stomach. The best time to do this Kriya is in the morning on an empty stomach and without any of the above mentioned conditions. Nauili should only be practiced under the guidance of a competent teacher.