Breakfast Bowl

It is easy to maintain healthy routines when all is going well. But when challenges or unexpected events kick in, we tend to sacrifice our own wellbeing. Don't compromise your own health! Z-Ora ensures you get the right nutrients in your morning bowl no matter how little time you have or where you are. Remember, your mornings set the tone for the whole day!


Organic breakfast bowls of crunchy nuts, nutritious seeds, sweet dried fruits and creamy oats.


  • Balance Bowl: Acai & Cacao

  • Clarity Bowl: Cinnamon & Dates

  • Strength Bowl: Baobab & Coconut



Pour your portion into a bowl (about 75g or 5 tbl spoons) and add about 100ml of your favorite plant milk. Stir well, cover, let soak for at least 20min or best overnight for better absorption and taste. Optional: Top up with fresh fruits or additional spices.

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