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Ayurvedic guide for the winter season
Winter is coming and with it that delicious laziness, the desire to stay under the blanket and retreat. As we like to say, we are part of nature, so our organism also follows the seasons. And if autumn brought transformative...
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The colorful miracle weapons of plants
Secondary plant substances are part of all plants and protect them from predators such as bacteria and fungi and represent a kind of plant immune system. For us humans, they are probably the tastiest and most colorful ingredient on the...
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Ayurvedic Nutrition
Ayurvedic nutrition - because good food is indulgence and therapy at the same time In the millenium-old Ayurvedic cuisine, food, herbs and spices are combined in a way that not only offers unique taste experiences but can also provide active health...
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Eat Well on a Budget
Eating healthy; that means that I have to stand for hours in the kitchen and spent a great amount of my income on groceries? Wrong! We provide you with the top 5 tips for eating well on a budget.  ...
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