Ayurveda in Summer

We want to share with you some tips to keep a cool head with Ayurveda this summer. In order to balance the external heat, the body automatically reduces the internal digestive fire, i.e. the metabolism works more slowly and we feel less hungry. Be aware of this and adapt your diet and activities to the external circumstances.

What foods and spices are recommended in summer?
Fresh salads (especially the bitter leaf salads) or a portion of raw vegetables should be included with every lunch in summer.  Prefer foods with the flavors sweet and bitter. Use lots of fresh garden herbs and mild, cooling spices such as coriander, fennel, turmeric, cardamom, and saffron.
The colorful variety of regional fruits is a real treat. Melon, cucumber, coconut, aloe vera and mint also reduce the heat in the body. Care should be taken with salty, sour, or spicy food (garlic, onions, tomatoes, chilies, red meat, hot fried foods, etc.) as well as with drinks such as alcohol, coffee and black tea.

All these aliments fuel the inner fire and there is a risk of overheating and acidity. Often this leads to headaches, inflammations in the body or even to irritation of the skin. Drinking is especially important in hot weather as we lose more fluid through increased sweating. You should never drink cold drinks with your meals as this weakens your digestive power too much. Also avoid ice-cold drinks straight from the fridge. Peppermint tea, diluted fresh fruit juices or homemade lassi from yoghurt are examples of thirst-quenching refreshments.

Observe how your diet and cravings change during the summer season and listen to your body!